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Introduction To Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is not only an incredible solution to effectively remove hair, but it is today the most demanded beauty treatment.¬†This is due to the improvement it produces in the skin. It doesn’t have the adverse reaction of other methods of conventional hair removal.

It will combat folliculitis, trichinosis and other problems associated with hair removal without leaving aside the practicality and comfort of patients. They should no longer worry about whether or not they have shaved before choosing a wardrobe or starting a day.
It is a medical treatment that ends the Folliculitis, and that provides a solution to the patients with Hirsutism.

How does the laser hair removal work?

The mechanism is based on the principle of selective photo thermolysis, i.e. the laser removes the root of the hair follicle through the heat energy selectively sent towards the bulb of the hair.
The laser pulse acts on several follicles at the same time. Since not all are in the same stage of growth, the laser will not be equal to effective in all of the hairs. So laser hair removal in Orlando needs a series of sessions minimally spaced 4 to 8 weeks so that it will be more effective and a greater number of follicles per session is destroyed.

What should you do before your first laser hair removal session?

Shave the area a day before your session. It can be detected even when you do not see it. Do not come with hair Grown because that generates an unpleasant sensation and makes the treatment annoying for the patient.
Methods should not be used during treatment to remove root hair, such as wax, electric epilator or hair remover. This would prevent hair is within the follicle and leading energy to grow.

If possible, bring a small razor in your wallet in case there is a need to cut some hair that is not well shaved.

What will happen in your first session of laser hair removal?

Before treatment, it is essential to have a medical history to know the patient, his/her current illnesses, as well as to register if the patient takes any medication. Many medications can alter the effectiveness of the treatment or sensitivity of the skin to such point that the application of the laser could generate burns. That is why it is important for a professional to perform the treatment

The patient and the doctor who performs the treatment of laser hair removal must wear special protection goggles for laser hair removal.
After the medical interview, proceed to the application of the laser. The physician in laser hair removal in Orlando will evaluate the skin type and the characteristics of the hair and adjust the parameters of the equipment to remove the hair permanently. The professional will support the laser gun on the skin of the area to be treated and start the treatment. In a matter of minutes after the session and you will return to your normal life.

It is normal to feel a sensation of heat when light penetrates through the skin. You can even smell burned hair. Some compare the sensation of the laser with that of a hairpin.

What happens after the laser hair removal session?

Once the treatment is finished, you can apply a gel with aloe vera as a moisturizer without perfume, to keep the skin moisturized and fresh.
In the course of about 10 to 15 days after the session, you will see that hair grows, but you will see that all those who were in the stage of adequate maturity will grow and fall, disappearing from your skin.

The hairs that were in telogen phase or catagen that were not eliminated in your first session will mature for the following session. In the remaining hair, you can see that both the growth time is slower than usual. More importantly, they have been reduced in quantity.
You must shave that hair and after 30 to 40 days have passed since the first session, the hairs are mature enough for you to go to your next session.

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