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Healthy Habits To Do If You Can’t Go To A Nail Salon

Nails are part of our appearance, and just hint of dirt would have an impact on how people look at us. Admit it, people look at appearances first, and nails are something they quickly fix their eyes on. Chipped nails would instantly drown ourselves in our low self-esteem.

About our health, nails can indicate how healthy we are and how hygienic we can be. In my experience, I would turn to the best nail salons near me to get my nails back in shape. However, it’s not always that I can visit the nail shops near me as there would be a whole lot of circumstances that need to be considered. I mean, sometimes you won’t have the luxury of time or you’d be too tired even to go out. So, how do you exactly keep your nails healthy and make it a habit?

Here are some great habits in maintaining healthy nails that all women (and men, too) should keep in mind:

Clean your hands.

Keep your nails and your hands clean at most times. You can remove any traces of polish by using a nail polish remover – acetone-free preferably. One neat trick to clean your nails is to use a toothbrush and a bit of soap to do some gentle scrubbing. Make sure to thoroughly wash after to remove the soap which can dry out your nails.

Be gentle with your nails.

Your nails can easily get chipped because they’re too delicate to be used on any rough surfaces. Never use your nails as a tool for opening something. The damage and infection are just not worth it, believe me.

Trim regularly.

Cutting your nails is important to keep them healthy. You can take some time to cut them every week or two weeks depending on how fast your nails would grow out.

Lengthy nails are overrated.

We can’t deny that long nails are gorgeous to look at, but once it snaps, it’s not just worth it. Shorter nails do look neater, and it’s easier to manage. You don’t need to worry about breaking your nails if it’s at the right length. Just as long as you shape your nails accordingly, you would be glad to ditch those long and fragile nails.

Leave the cuticles alone.

The cuticle on your nail is there to serve a purpose. It protects the base of your nails from dirt or bacteria that might enter. If you remove your cuticles, you will make yourself more vulnerable to infection. So, it’s much better to leave your cuticles alone, and your nails would be happy if you do so.

Keep your tools clean.

It’s important to disinfect your tools between uses to avoid bacterial infection. Just as how your favorite med spa would clean their tools, you should do the same. You can use soap and water to clean your metal tools. Afterwards, you can wipe them with rubbing alcohol.

Read the labels.

When you buy nail polish brands, always check the details. Not all brands are the same, and you need to steer clear from those with harmful and toxic ingredients. Some nasties you need to watch out for are formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate which can do damage than good.

Easy on the nail art.

Nail art can look stunning, but it can be bad for your nails if you get those frequently done. Damage can be dealt on your nails in the long run. Just like any part of your body, give your nails some rest and just go with a clear gloss.

A healthy diet equals healthy nails.

As they say it, you are what you eat. Start taking healthy meals to improve the strength of your nails. Protein-rich foods such as beans will be an excellent addition to your diet. You can also take in some supplements such as fish oil and Vitamin E.

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